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North Lamar signs Memorandum of Understanding with TAMUC

Posted Date: 08/25/2021

North Lamar signs Memorandum of Understanding with TAMUC

Paris, Texas, August 24, 2021– North Lamar ISD and Texas A&M University-Commerce have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that opens pathways for North Lamar student graduates and employees to receive financial and advisory assistance at TAMUC.

The MOU, signed by North Lamar Superintendent Kelli Stewart and TAMUC President Dr. Mark Rudin, opens up the opportunity for participation in TAMUC programs that include: The President’s Promise, Rising Lion, the Quick Start Grant, and the Teacher of the Year Grant. Additionally, it aims to build stronger relationships and promote the  university’s offerings. 

The MOU is directed toward both first-time, full-time degree-seeking undergraduates who graduate from North Lamar ISD, as well as teachers or staff members of the district who seek graduate-level degrees. 

The MOU offers the following four assistance programs to eligible candidates:

The President’s Promise is for incoming, first-time freshman or transfer students.  Students must  enroll a minimum of 15 hours each fall and spring semester and maintain a 2.5 or greater for continuation of eligibility. The President’s Promise covers the remaining balance of any tuition each semester for up to four academic years.

Rising Lion falls under the President’s Promise.  It is an exciting summer opportunity that prepares incoming freshmen for academic success.  The program provides resources and support that help students smoothly transition into college life.  Students have the opportunity to engage and acclimate to new friends, and adjust to the college environment prior to the start of the fall semester.

Quick Start is a grant program for teachers and staff members of North Lamar ISD pursing a master’s or doctoral degree at TAMUC.  Eligible candidates will receive a $250 to $500 grant per semester based on the number of credit hours taken.  Students who enroll in three to five credit hours will receive $250, while students enrolled in six or more credit hours will receive $500. 

Teacher of the Year grant program is only available to North Lamar’s district and campus teacher of the year.  Eligible candidates will receive a $250 to $750 grant per semester based on credit hours taken.

For more information, contact NLHS Assistant Principal Chris Hudson at 903.737.2003 x 1002.