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North Lamar's Officer Tuttle celebrates 40 years as a peace officer

Posted Date: 12/11/2021

North Lamar's Officer Tuttle celebrates 40 years as a peace officer

Paris, Texas, December 11, 2021 – North Lamar Police Department Officer Joe Tuttle celebrated his 40th anniversary as a peace officer on Friday with a surprise reception at Aaron Parker Elementary on Friday.  Also known as "Jolene" or “Officer Pappaw,” Joe has become a beloved member of the Aaron Parker family.

Joe became a state certified licensed Reserve officer for the city of Paris Police Department in December, 1981.  In 1982, he became a dispatcher for the Paris PD before signing on as a full time peace officer for the Police Department, graduating from the East Texas Police Academy in May 1985. He worked for the Paris PD until 1993, when he moved to the Lamar County Sheriff’s Department. In July, 2017, he retired from the Sheriff's office and, lucky us, came to work for the North Lamar Police Department.

 At Parker, Joe can often be found going above-and-beyond to serve the teachers and students.  From answering the phone, to working the doors, to helping students out of the car in the morning, to even helping the teachers hang items in their classrooms, Joe's calm presence has become something the teachers at Parker look forward to seeing every day. 

On behalf of the students and staff at North Lamar, “Thank you for your service, Joe!  We look forward to many more years with you.”