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Adventures of Lamar the Panther

Posted Date: 10/17/2023

Adventures of Lamar the Panther

Bailey Intermediate students have unveiled their new mascot, Lamar the stuffed Panther, this year. The students held a naming contest, and Elodie Easton and Abigail Lopez's submission, Lamar, was the winning name. Lamar has already embarked on exciting journeys, visiting the Paris Public Library, attending the North Lamar homecoming game, and even going to gymnastics class with students. While staying with students, Lamar has been quite the character, from hogging iPads to play-wrestling with other stuffed animals and making furry friends with pets. The students are eagerly anticipating Lamar's next adventure!


Molly's quote from her writing about Lamar and this picture:

On Friday after school we went to the football game. Camela almost ran away with Lamar. Then he ate Camela's pizza and we watched the Color Guard and band. Lamar tackled Tilly.